About Us


It is a mystery to pizza lovers why, even the so-called finest pizzas from shops and supermarkets are so bland and tasteless, yet there are nearly half a billion of such pizzas sold in the UK each year. Frankly, we here at Dough It Yourself think that you, the Great British public, deserves better.

We are a small but efficient team that work tirelessly to bring great tasting home cooked pizza bases to the market. Offering the finest ingredients, we have developed a selection of super thin bases and tasty sauces to make the perfect traditional Italian style pizza from the comfort of your own kitchen or BBQ – It’s your pizza ... your way! 


We live in a world where variety is the spice of life and we shouldn’t let the pre-made pizzas stacked in supermarket fridges stifle your creativity. At Dough It Yourself, we leave the choice to you. Whether you want a traditional pizza sauce, garlic bread or a wholemeal base with a spicy twist, we are here to help.


We source the best possible ingredients and make all of our products here at our little bakery tucked away in the heart of Stockport. The sauces have been developed over time to give an authentic Italian taste to complement our super thin and crispy bases. The bases themselves are rolled, par baked, cooled and sealed before being despatched out to our customers. We do not freeze our products which means that the great taste is locked in for you to enjoy.


So, whether you are trying one of our easy to follow recipes or you want to create your own unique tea time special, all you need to do is add one of our sauces to the base of your choice, add your favourite toppings and within 5 -7 minutes you will be dining on a stunning homemade pizza with a little taste of Italy.